Bamboo chick blinds

KUMAR  BAMBOO CHIK BLIND have been prepared from imported superior raw material of Bamboo, which have been knitted perfectly with cord. It is in trend now days for residential, resorts, Hotels & corporate offices. It adds grace & chic to your interiors. All the shades are created Smartly, gives the options to make a beautiful design & control sunlight. It can be matched very properly with interior also. So go ahead & enjoy choosing from the vast range of Bamboo chick blinds from  kumar Interiors, the most trusted name in window covering products.

1.  Bamboo chick blinds                                                       2 .Bamboo chick blinds

1366977906_505154089_3-Bamboo-Chick-Blinds-maker-manufacturer-vasundhara-indirapuram-noidadelhi-chick-maki-Services                     bamboo chick blind (3)


   3. Bamboo chick blinds                                                                4.  Bamboo chick blinds

bamboo chick blind (7)                      bamboo chick blind (15)


5.  Bamboo chick blinds                                                                   6.  Bamboo chick blinds             

Bamboo-Blinds                          Bamboo-Chick-Blinds